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Queen B: A New Work of Hobeybee Futrutism

  • Tamales y Bicicletas Urban Farm 2820 S 15th Street Minneapolis, MN 55407 United Sttes (map)

Queen B: a new work of honeybee futurism

Illustration x Tori Hong

Illustration x Tori Hong


The year is 2121
Honeybees are extinct
Now the only hives
are the ones that humans have built for themselves
Its not the next revolution - its the one after

102 years into the future, cities have sealed themselves under holographic domes to protect themselves from the inhospitable climate. Yet, when the robo-bee population begins to die off like their honeymaking ancestors, the fate of this new society rests upon the fading memories of the last living beekeeper, a (former?) revolutionary who goes by the name Queen B.


Commarrah Jewelia Bashar dives deep into magical waters in the role of Kleo.
Kleo - (they/them) - Pollen. Mature by choice more so than age. They were brought to this Dome as a child and since then have always been arriving. A young member of the Central Intelligence division, their outward composure masks a deep fear of the “chaos” within themselves. They sense more than they show; regarding their extraordinary intuition as a curse, not a gift. They are no one’s child, in search of family.

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QUEEN B is conceived and written by Elle Thoni
Composed and music directed by Dameun Strange
and co-created with the ensemble, Commarrah Jewelia Bashar, Lelis Brito, Laura Levinson, Ricky Morisseau, and Estefania Sedarski

with outdoor performance guidance from Scotty Reynolds
and food inspirations from Mollie Rose Krumholz

photos x Maxwell Collyard

illustration x Tori Hong

-Wild Conspiracy